Training Program

Regional Training Program

Nearly 300 regional trainings are available in the Training Catalogue and open registration to all Veolia employees. Over 100 in-house regional trainings are run by Campus Veolia China every year on 3 subject categories: Management – MDLF; Technical; Functional and General Subjects.  All employees from 3 business units are benefit from our regional training every year.

Online Training Program

Besides in-house programs, L&D also provides e-Learning programs as an alternative learning & development solutions to employees. Nearly 1,000 e-learning modules are offered, some of which are in alliance with VES and 11 are internally produced by Veolia Learning & Development Team, accommodating over 250 participants across Veolia in Asia.


MyLearning, an exclusive Learning Management System developed and implemented by Campus Veolia China is an all-day accessible platform provides various functions to training managers, coordinators and employees, who could access the latest learning information online.

Mobile devices are a major source of learning information gathering and exchange. MyLearning access through mobile devices enables employees to manage their training with greater flexibility anywhere anytime. Employees could prepare their competencies assessment directly online, through Mylearning, check their training plan for the coming year, and trace their training records at any time, really easy and practical.