Our Learning Team

We works as a ‘Bridge’ to build up connections between local training teams & regional teams, with our supporting network devote our talents & efforts to ensure transferring know-how successfully in Veolia.

Identify, Anticipate and Develop Skills 

Our Training Mission is Identify, Anticipate and Develop Skills. It applies to every employee, whatever his/her job, position or function is. We aim at contributing to the professionalism of your work.

Developing human capital is a key element for improving the performance of our services. The training and transfer of expertise programs implemented help our services attain excellence. Every year worldwide, over 1 million hours of training are provided to Veolia employees. In Asia, Veolia Learning & Development shares the same view with the headquarters in formalizing and strengthening the training approach. Campus Veolia China offer more than 300 training programs annually.

5 Learning & Development Missions